KMC King of the Mountain Challenge Enduro

Sunday July 8th – 1:00 PM Start



As the USA Cycling Regional Mountain Bike Championships*, this event will determine the 2017 champions in the discipline of mountain bike enduro.

The new darling of the mountain bike world, Enduro presents as an evolution of Super D. While Enduro formats can differ widely the constant is multiple timed descents mixed with uphill transports that require participants to balance their choice of bike between downhill travel and climbing ease.

The KMC King of the Mountain Challenge Enduro will feature two timed descents and two wave start climbs of the full length of Alpine Valley’s vertical. Competitors start each of their two climbs from the bottom in waves of sixteen or less and while the climbs are not timed, racers will start their descends in order of their uphill finish.

Racer will descend individually at twenty second intervals. This cycle will be repeated and the times from each of the descends will be added together for placing to determine the Midwest Enduro champions.

Race Categories and Classes:

  • Pro/Open:  Men & Women
  • Amateur Men: 12-14, 15-18, 19-39, 40-49, 50 & over
  • Amateur Women:  12-16, 17-39, 40 & over

WC_SpecialRegistration and Entry Fees:

Pre-Registration: ONLINE before midnight July 2nd at or by mail before June 30th.

  • Pro/Open – $42.50
  • Amateur – $36.92
    All registrants must have a USA Cycling License.  A USA Cycling One-Day license is available  for Amateur at a cost of $10.

Late/Onsite Registration: Fri. 1-6 PM, Sat. 7:30 AM  till  1:00 PM, and Sun. 8-10 AM.

  • Pro/Open – $50.00
  • Amateur – $45.00

Start Time & Running Order:

Climb #1 – 1:00 PM  e Pro/Open Men, Pro/Open Women, Amateur Men, Amateur Women
(wave starts of 16 at 5 minute intervals)

Course #1 Descents – start at 1:20 at 20 second intervals base on order of climb finish

Climb #2 – 2:30 PM  e Pro/Open Men, Pro/Open Women, Amateur Men, Amateur Women (wave starts of 10 to 15 at 5 minute intervals)

Course #2 Descents – start at 2:50 at 20 second intervals base on order of climb finish


USA Cycling Regional Championships Medals* to top three in Pro/Open and all Amateur classes.

Cash Prize List for Pro/Open
Men and Women: Up to $1500 – 5 places deep dependent upon field size*
1st-$250, 2nd-$185, 3rd-$135, 4th-$100* (requires 15+ entrants), and 5th-$80* (requires 20+ entrants)

All cash awards require attendance of recipient at awards ceremony!

USAC-RC*Eligibility USA Cycling Regional Championship Awards – is based on the following requirements being met: 1) A racer must have current USA Cycling (mountain bike) or UCI annual license and be in good standing, 2) be a resident of Midwest region states, IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, SD, WI as verified by their license.

USA Cycling Regional Championship Medals (RCM) – 3 places deep (recognition for 4th & 5th) for Pro/Open and all Amateur classes.  Should a racer place in the top 3 and not be eligible for a RCM, a Midwest MTB Championships medal will be awarded.  Placings will not be passed down.